How to Sign In:

Please Note: Communities uses the exact same login credentials that you use to login to the members area on the main CSMLS website. If you are familar with your username and password combination, please try them now in the sign in form. If you have not logged into your CSMLS account before, or forget how to, follow the instructions below.

CSMLS Number: Your CSMLS ID number, including the zeros, to make it seven characters in length (ex. 1234567 or ex. 0004567)

Password: Your first initial + last name

Important: If you have signed into your CSMLS account before, and changed your password, use the password that you switched to.

Passwords are case sensitive and must be a minimum of six characters. Please add zeros to the end of your password if needed to create the minimum characters

Please Note:
Your Password is your first initial of your first name(Capitalized) and your last name as it is properly spelled, including capitals, hyphens and apostrophes (First letter of last name is capitalized).


  1. When your first initial and last name are less than six characters: JDoe00
  2. Your last name has an apostrophe: MO'Brien
  3. Your last name has a space: SVan Wagner
  4. Your last name has a hyphen: ASmith-Jones

If you need help signing into the website, please contact CSMLS at 1-800-263-8277